Earth and Space: Day and Night

Year 5


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This lesson investigates Earth's rotation and the effects that this has on the planet. This day and night KS2 lesson pack explores how day and night are created and how different parts of the planet can experience day and night simultaneously. The lesson slides help to explain to your Year 5 class in a simple and concise way how a 24-hour-long rotation of Earth results in some parts being lit by the Sun and others being in shadow.

The Day and Night KS2 worksheets provided in this lesson pack offer your class the opportunity to conduct an investigation using sundials they have created and make detailed observations of their results. This will allow them to explain the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky, using their observations and scientific vocabulary.

Alternatively, have your Year 5 class investigate time zones around the world and why they are necessary using the internet and the supporting resources.
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