World War 2 Topic

  • Year Groups: 3, 4
  • Key Stage: KS2

SKU: T34CS30001

Step back into the 1940s as your class experience what life was like during World War II. This creative cross-curricular WW2 topic is designed primarily for Year 4/5 but is easily adaptable for Year 3 or Year 6, providing something for all levels and abilities in your class. Find out what life was like for children during the war, discover the countries of the allies and the axis, make a gas mask, listen to wartime music, make a rationed recipe and so much more!

This cross-curricular approach to the curriculum provides everything you need to immerse your class into the spirit of the war, including lesson plans, slides, activiy ideas, differentiated worksheets, picture cards, challenges and more. So why not turn your classroom into an exciting war zone and have them fighting to get to the next lesson! **Teacher note: The History lessons within this topic are identical to the lessons in our 'Children in WW2' history scheme of work.

 Have you already purchased Children in WW2 (History) but wish to upgrade to this topic? You are eligible for a refund on the History scheme of work if you purchase this topic. Just contact us after your purchase.