Castles Topic

  • Year Groups: 1, 2
  • Key Stage: KS1

SKU: T12CS40150

Introduce your class to the fascinating topic of castles in this 'Castles' cross-curricular lesson plan for KS1. Your class will learn about the history of medieval castles and the Normans, where castles are built, who lived in castles, the structure of castles, and so much more, all through a variety of fun and creative activities. Perfect as an exciting topic to get all your little lords, ladies, knights and musicians enthused about learning! **Teacher note: The History lessons within this topic are identical to the lessons in our History Castles scheme of work.

Have you already purchased Castles (History) but wish to upgrade to the topic? You are eligible for a refund on the History scheme of work if you purchase this topic. Just contact us after your purchase.


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