Travel and Transport: Geography | Compass Directions

Year 1

Year 2


SKU: T12IL401206

Make teaching compass directions easy with this Compass Directions KS1 Geography lesson for Year 1 and Year 2 children. The included slideshow presentation for the teaching input shows your class a map of the world and introduces the five oceans and seven continents. After a recap of the four compass points and how they can be used for directions, your class will find out how to hop from continent to continent using compass directions to help them. They will go through plenty of examples as a class while they get the hang of it.

There are then a series of differentiated worksheets and activities the children can use to practise what they have learnt. Alternatively, there is a fun board game provided so children can have a go at using compass directions to travel around a world map in a fun and challenging way!
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