Christmas Journeys

Year 4


SKU: R4CS30003

Download this Christmas Journeys KS2 RE planning pack to take your class back to Bethlehem as they discover the details behind the Christmas story. Find out why Bethlehem was the location of the greatest story ever told and how Mary and Joseph found themselves with a newborn in a barn.

These informative and empathetic lessons take a fresh look at this familiar story as your class delve deeper into the emotions of the characters and find out why Bethlehem is still an important pilgrimage site for Christians today.

With a five detailed lesson plans, slides for each teaching input, differentiated activity ideas, printable resources (such as worksheets, picture cards and challenges) and an End of Unit Quiz, this Christmas Journeys KS2 planning pack is sure to make this a shining star of an RE scheme of work in your classroom!
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