World War 2: History | Daily Life in WW2

Year 4

Year 5


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What was daily life in WW2 like? What was it like for children and families living through the war? This lesson firstly looks at how the war affected people's lives on a daily basis before giving your class the chance to consolidate their learning to answer the question: "What was life like for children in World War II?"

Their independent learning activities provide opportunities for them to answer this question and express their understanding in a variety of ways, such as through art or drama.

This Daily Life in WW2 lesson comes completely planned and ready to deliver to your class. There's a straight-forward lesson plan, a slideshow for the teaching input with information, questions and lots of photos from the period, differentiated activity ideas, and a range of printable resources. It's all ready for you to download and teach so that your class can explore children's daily life in World War 2.
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