Changing Circuits

Year 6


SKU: S6CS30001

This Year 6 Electricity 'Changing Circuits' planning pack contains five ready-to-teach Year 6 Electricity lessons to consolidate your class's knowledge of circuits and how they work, before challenging them to extend their knowledge of electrical circuits through a variety of fun, practical and informative activities.

Your KS2 children will have the chance to explore how to change the brightness of a bulb in a circuit, how different wires affect a circuit, circuit symbols and lots more!

These Changing Circuits Year 6 lessons contain everything you need in order to successfully deliver these Electricity lessons: there are five easy-to-follow lesson plans, five slideshows for the teaching inputs, differentiated activities and a range of printable resources for each lesson to support and challenge your Year 6 class as they carry out electricity investigations and other activities independently.
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