Proportion Problems: Finding fractions of amounts

Year 4


SKU: M4IL430003

Teach children all about finding fractions of amounts and solving problems involving finding unit fractions of quantities.

In this lesson (the third of five complete lessons and resources included in 'Proportion Problems' for Year 4), children will first be asked to recall their prior knowledge about how to find fractions of quantities. Starting with sets of objects, they will be challenged to find, for example, one quarter of 24. Moving on, the included slides show how finding fractions of quantities relates to division. Pupils will then go on to learn to find unit fractions of increasingly challenging numbers.

After the teaching input, there's a choice of differentiated learning activities (with a range of printable resources) where children may either work independently to solve missing number problems, or take part in a class fractions game of 'Pointless'.
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