Chocolate: Art | Aztec Pottery

Year 3

Year 4


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In this Aztec Pottery Art lesson for children in Year 3 or Year 4, your class will discover how Aztecs made and decorated their pottery. The included slideshow presentation for the teaching input looks at some examples of Aztec pottery before showing some simple step-by-step photos to show how to make a pinch pot from clay, and how to decorate the basic shape in the Aztec style.

They will then be challenged to have a go for themselves, designing and making a clay vessel for the Aztec leader, King Montezuma, to drink his xocoatl from! In the alternate activity, children can create a monument from clay which represents the importance of cocoa to the Aztecs.

This Aztec Pottery Art lesson is fully planned and ready for you to deliver to your class. There's a clear lesson plan, a colourful slideshow for the teaching input, differentiated activity ideas and a range of handy printable teaching resources.
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