Building Bridges

Year 5

Year 6


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Building Bridges is a six-lesson KS2 Design and Technology scheme of work for Year 5 or Year 6, all about different types of bridges and the structures that support them. It includes lots of practical, differentiated activities, culminating in an exciting prototype/model bridge building challenge.

Using readily-available materials such as card, paper or art straws, children will explore ways in which forces act on bridge structures, how they are constructed and how they are strengthened. Working well as part of a team will be crucial, too – as children get to grips with designing, making and evaluating a variety of bridge designs!

The included slides, planning and printable PDF resources are packed with information about different types of bridges, including diagrams labelling the parts of bridges and the forces acting on them. Every lesson includes a choice of differentiated classroom activities where children will explore how bridges are constructed, and consider ways in which their models may be strengthened, stiffened or reinforced.

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