British Inventors

Year 3

Year 4


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Teach children all about famous British inventors and their revolutionary inventions, and challenge them to design and evaluate problem-solving products, too.

This design and technology scheme of work for lower Key Stage 2 focuses on some important Victorian inventions and more recent 20th century inventions created by British inventors and scientists. With the included slides and printable resources, your class will discover how these inventions have changed the lives of the people who use them. They'll also be challenged to consider how each of the inventions shown has been developed and changed.

Each of the five included lesson planning packs has a choice of KS2 DT activities for children to undertake, including some where they will design and evaluate products to solve problems. They'll also have the opportunity to reinforce materials in a variety of ways, inspired by famous scientists and their inventions.

This scheme of work is also part of a Topic Bundle, which is ideal if you are teaching 'Achievers and Inventors' as a cross-curricular topic.
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