Transform Maths teaching and learning in your school

Discover how to implement PlanBee Maths Curriculum Packs at your school, and find out why we believe it can transform Maths teaching and learning for the better.

By Becky Cranham, PlanBee founder and Lead Resource Creator.

When I first started planning a whole school Maths curriculum way back in 2012, I was working on my own. I never imagined I’d ever get to the point where PlanBee would be providing schools with all their Maths planning for the entire academic year. Since then our team has grown and, fast-forwarding to 2018, we’ve finally done it (for Key Stage 2, at least! We’re working hard to complete the Key Stage 1 curriculum too).

I’m immensely proud to share our newly-completed KS2 Maths Curriculum Packs with our fantastic members. I truly believe they’ll transform Maths teaching in Primary schools – ensuring consistent, high-quality, enjoyable learning, excellent progression – and best of all, they’ll save teachers’ time!

To help you discover what these new Maths resources actually are, how they can be used in schools and to decide whether they’re right for you, here’s our guide to PlanBee Maths Curriculum Packs:

Get a whole year’s Maths planning for your school.

It really is true. With the Key Stage 2 Maths Curriculum Pack, you get a complete scheme of work for every week of every term for every year group:

KS2 Maths Pack Breakdown A breakdown of the schemes of work included in the Key Stage 2 Maths Curriculum Pack. Shown here is our suggested weekly, termly and yearly teaching sequence.

A breakdown of what’s included:

120 complete schemes of work, including:

  • 30 schemes of work per year group (ten per term)
  • 5 complete lessons within each scheme of work (a whole week’s teaching)
  • A detailed plan, a slideshow presentation, a choice of differentiated learning activities and a range of printable resources with every lesson
  • Any necessary answer sheets and solutions

If this massive KS2 Maths Curriculum Pack is too big for your requirements, or you’re looking to use PlanBee more selectively within your school’s existing Maths curriculum, we’ve got you covered:

Other Maths Curriculum Packs are available, including:

Adapt it to suit your school.

We’ve devised a teaching sequence which we believe is varied and enjoyable for children, and ensures excellent progression throughout each year. That said, we know every school is different, and approaches to Maths teaching and learning vary hugely from one school to the next! Regardless of how Maths learning is structured in your school, PlanBee’s schemes of work can be sequenced accordingly.

To help schools that teach a strand at a time plan and adapt, we’ve produced a free KS2 Maths Curriculum Strand Overview:

Maths Strand Progression Overview This page of the Overview shows each scheme of work, grouped by strand and year group. Taught together they ensure total coverage of the National Curriculum Maths strand objectives for each year.


Ensure comprehensive coverage of National Curriculum objectives.

With the PlanBee KS2 Maths Curriculum Pack, every single National Curriculum Maths objective is covered. Whether you choose to teach the included schemes of work according to our suggested sequence, or re-arrange them to suit you, the free KS2 Maths Curriculum Overview will help you oversee and implement them:

Maths Autumn KS2 Objectives This page of the Overview shows part of our suggested teaching sequence, including National Curriculum Objectives covered by each scheme of work.

Even if your school doesn’t teach to the National Curriculum, or has less conventional class/learning structures, you can easily restructure and implement the PlanBee KS2 Maths Curriculum Pack to ensure broad, comprehensive and enjoyable Maths learning, using our Overview to help you.


Plan for excellent progression throughout the year.

To keep things fresh, interesting, and – above all – ensure excellent progression, we’ve devised every Maths scheme of work within each strand to build on the previous. Of course, they can be taught in any order you choose, but by teaching according to our suggested sequence, planning for progression will take care of itself!

For subject leaders looking to ensure adequate coverage and determine learning progress throughout the year, the free Overview includes detailed coverage maps:

Maths Objectives Coverage Year 3 This page of the Overview shows what objectives will be taught during each week, if taught according to our suggested sequence.


Give teachers complete planning packs for every single Maths lesson.

Included with each of the included schemes of work in the PlanBee KS2 Maths Curriculum Pack are five complete Individual Lesson packs. These make preparing for, and teaching, every Maths lesson a breeze as they include almost* everything teachers need to deliver the lesson:

  • A detailed plan with a teaching input, questions, a choice of a main, differentiated learning activity and an alternative ‘Fancy Something Different…?’ activity, a plenary and assessment questions
  • An engaging slideshow presentation
  • A range of printable resources
  • Any necessary answer sheets and solutions


*Many of the lessons require some additional Maths resources that most schools will have such as dice, counters, multifix cubes, etc. Don’t worry – all additional resources are listed on the lesson plans!

Properties of 2D Shapes Weekly Overview The free-to-download weekly overview for ‘Properties of 2D Shapes’.

What’s more, we’ve even made free weekly overviews for every single scheme of work – they’re perfect for seeing what’s being taught at a glance, or planning for the weeks ahead. You can either direct your teachers to download them at (just search for the scheme of work and download the overview from the product page) or you can download every single KS2 Maths Overview here.

Differentiate and tailor the learning to suit the children.

By providing comprehensive prepared Maths planning, teachers will have more time to focus on tailoring the learning to their community of learners. The lesson plans have learning activities differentiated three ways, and often include printable resources to support lower-attaining pupils such as Maths vocabulary mats or checklists.

Coin Conundrum Lesson Plan An example of a PlanBee lesson plan, from the free sample scheme of work, ‘Coin Conundrum’.

Easily track and assess learning across all strands of Maths.

To make life easier and to ensure consistent learning and assessment across your school, we’ve produced free, editable assessment grids. These include every single National Curriculum Maths objective for each year group. They have spaces to record the name of each learner, and spaces to note their grades or learning progress using whatever assessment/scoring system you have in place at your school already.

Year 5 Maths Assessment A Maths Assessment grid for Year 5.


Get your teaching team on board before you buy.

Still not sure if a PlanBee Maths Curriculum Pack is right for you? We understand that the purchase of any resource must be carefully considered, particularly when budgets are tight. That’s why we’ve also made some free schemes of work for you to peruse or even teach in class. We hope they’ll convince you that PlanBee Maths can help transform your school.


If you have any questions or would like any more information about PlanBee Maths Curriculum Packs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact:

Happy teaching!


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