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Many coupon websites claim to have all the latest promo codes. We can happily tell you that in our experience, they rarely have up-to-date offers for our website, The best way to get every single PlanBee discount code is to subscribe to our newsletter. New subscribers immediately receive a coupon code for 10% off their next order. After that, our newsletter subscribers are always the first to know about every single special offer.


Want to save money all year round? PlanBee memberships could be just what you need.


We wanted to offer a way for teachers to save even more money on planning and resources all year round. If you're looking to buy one or more complete schemes of work, PlanBee memberships are ideal. When you purchase a membership, you immediately get the price of the membership back in the form of included schemes of work of your choice. Plus: you'll get discounts of up to 50% for the next twelve months.


There are memberships to suit every budget, and all of them offer fantastic value to anyone planning to spend £10 or more on planning and resources.


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PlanBee Platinum membership: Incredible savings for schools who want access to everything


As an alternative to a PlanBee discount code, you might find that our memberships offer even greater savings. PlanBee memberships are one of the best ways to save if you intend to spend £10 or more on lesson planning and resources.


If you want complete access to the entire PlanBee catalogue for your school, Platinum membership is the best, most affordable way to get every single PlanBee resource. We're proud to offer full-access Platinum memberships at an incredibly affordable price. There are even cheaper plans available if your school only requires access to KS1 or KS2 resources.


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