The Aztecs: All GEOGRAPHY Lessons in Topic

Year 5

Year 6


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Our KS2 Aztecs Topic comes with these three Aztec Geography lessons to help your class identify where in the world the Aztecs lived and what it is like there. The first lesson locates both Mesoamerica and Mexico on a world map and challenges your class to explore this location. In the second lesson, they will further explore the physical and human geography of Mexico, before planning a Mexican holiday in the final lesson using all the information they have found out.

Each of these three Aztec Geography lessons has a lesson plan, a slideshow presentation for the teaching input, differentiated activity ideas and a range of printable resources, such as worksheets, picture cards, maps and challenges. Everything you need is prepared for you so you can deliver great Aztec lessons to your class...without having to do any of the prep yourself!
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