The Aztecs: All COMPUTING Lessons in Topic

Year 5

Year 6


SKU: T56JCS80410

These two Aztecs Computing lessons for KS2 children in Year 5 or Year 6 contain two fun and engaging Computing projects to help immerse your class in the world of the Aztecs. The first lesson challenges them to make digital information books about the Aztecs while the second lesson gives them the chance to try their hand at film-making as they create an A-Z explainer video about different aspects of Aztec life – one for each letter of the alphabet!

These two Aztec Computing planning packs come completely ready for you to deliver to your class. Each one has a lesson plan with differentiated activity ideas, a slideshow for the whole-class teaching input, and a range of printable worksheets and other resources to support them in their Aztec Computing challenges.
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