Ancient Greece: All HISTORY Lessons in Ancient Greece Topic

Year 5

Year 6


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This set of seven Ancient Greece KS2 history lessons will help you teach your Year 5 and Year 6 children all about this amazing ancient civilisation. By the end of the scheme, your class should be able to answer in detail the question, 'Who were the ancient Greeks?'

Your children will first learn about the different periods of ancient Greece, and place the civilisation in time. They will explore how the different areas of Greece were governed, and compare the two city-states of Athens and Sparta. Children will use primary and secondary sources to find out about the daily life of the ancient Greeks, before exploring Greek mythology and the impact of some of the great philosophers of the time. In the final lesson, your class will reflect on how the ancient Greek civilisation still influences modern life today.

This Ancient Greece KS2 History planning pack provides all the resources and knowledge you need to deliver these lessons, including detailed plans, slideshows for each lesson's teaching input, differentiated activity ideas and a range of helpful and engaging printable teaching resources.
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