Positive and Negative Numbers: Adding and subtracting – into negative numbers

Year 5


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Practise adding and subtracting resulting in negative numbers in the context of bank account overdrafts.

Having looked at ways of comparing and ordering positive and negative numbers, and at how adding and subtracting can result in negative numbers in the previous four lessons of 'Positive and Negative Numbers', this lesson gives children the opportunity to show what they have learnt. With the included slides, they will learn exactly what an overdraft is before using number lines to help them work out balances when they are given a starting amount of money, and the amount spent.

Starting with easier questions for all learners, the main input and differentiated learning activities also include more challenging questions which are sure to challenge even the most confident mathematicians in your class. This lesson planning pack also includes a range of printable resources to support learning, including adding and subtracting negative numbers worksheets and a range of activity cards.
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