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"PlanBee was born out of the desire to help those teachers who have the wherewithal to stick it out, unlike me and the many others like me who put down their interactive whiteboard pens and walked out of the classroom forever. Planning is one of the main time constraints on a teacher’s time. We are all teaching the same objectives across the country - why are we all spending our time planning these lessons on our own?" - Becky Cranham, Founder

About Us

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Use our in-depth and comprehensive resources to help you deliver engaging and detailed lessons.

About Us

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We genuinely love what we do. All our lessons are made with energy, enthusiasm and expertise.

About Us

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Using our lessons will make the planning burden so much lighter, giving you more time to spend with friends and family.


Becky Cranham

I set up the company in 2008 after leaving the classroom. For a long time, PlanBee was me, a laptop and a lot of ideas but I love that we now have a swarm of bees at the hive who are working hard to keep developing our resources. I’m slowly but surely learning to let go of the reins a little and let the bees get on with doing what they do best and am thrilled with how far PlanBee has come since its launch in September 2009.

Teaching experience:
I mainly taught in Years 3, 4 and 5 when I was a class teacher. I got a lot more experience with Years 1, 2 and 6 too with the supply teaching I did in the early years of PlanBee while the company was being established.

Favourite subject to plan:
History. Without a doubt. I love how meaty they can be and doing all the research that goes along with a history scheme. They definitely take the longest but I always feel most satisfied when I have finished a history pack.

Favourite PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
I will always have a soft spot for ‘Why did Henry VIII marry six times?’ as this was the first ever scheme of work I created for PlanBee. I also love the Art scheme ‘Monet and the Impressionists’. There were some really fun arty activities I had to do for that one.

Most difficult PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
Probably Science ‘Classifying Organisms’ for Year 6. There are classification keys using the Linnaeus classification system that were so tricky to put together!

Favourite thing about beeing:
My colleagues. We are a little bee family who know how to support each other when we’re having problems with a lesson or when we’re stuck for an idea. It’s hard to remember ‘beeing’ without them. I also love hearing that our resources have helped teachers out or that a class has particularly enjoyed a lesson. It never gets old knowing that our hard work is appreciated!

The Busy Bees

Catherine Lynch

I joined PlanBee in 2014. I left my teaching job when I realised that the pressure of teaching was stopping me enjoying spending time with my family and friends. Knowing that I was going to regret not being there for them when they needed me and that I was letting the children in my class down by being exhausted was a pretty sad thing to realise. I loved being in the classroom but I was fed up of feeling like I was disappointing everyone. When I saw the job at PlanBee I hoped it would give me the chance to rekindle my love of learning and give me the chance to support my teacher friends.

Teaching experience:
I began my teaching career in Reception and quickly developed a love of practical, hands-on learning. When I moved to KS1, I tried to keep my lessons as practical and child-led as possible, while meeting the National Curriculum expectations. I also tutored several KS2 children. While teaching, I have been English co-ordinator, Science co-ordinator, DT co-ordinator and KS1 phase leader.

Favourite subject to plan:
I really enjoy planning Science, Maths and RE, but if I had to pick just one it would be Science because you can make the lessons really practical and engaging.

Favourite PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
I most enjoyed creating ‘Giuseppe Arcimboldo’ which is a KS1 Art scheme. I loved looking in detail at his paintings and thinking of activities that I would get the children to like them as much as I do!

Most difficult PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
‘The Kingdom of Benin’ for Year 6 History is probably the most challenging scheme I’ve created. It was really difficult to find accurate sources of information when researching the lessons and it took ages!

Favourite thing about beeing:
I enjoy working with a lovely team of people and researching new topics - we all learn such a lot about a variety of different subjects.

Oli Ryan

I’ve been working at PlanBee since 2014. I love teaching, but I’d found certain aspects (performance targets, paperwork, excessive amounts of assessment, etc.) more stressful than I was prepared to put up with. Before I started at PlanBee, I’d actually already made a change to address that - I’d moved away from being a full-time class teacher to providing PPA cover in a small, single-form entry school. I loved it, because I got to spend time working with children in every class, and there was far less paperwork! Coming to work at PlanBee was an easy decision for me - I’d already bought PlanBee stuff in the classroom and really loved using it. Now I love being able to make things to help other teachers every day.

Teaching experience:
I’ve had a chance to work with children of all ages; I feel like that experience helps me make resources that are well-suited to different classes. I actually started in Secondary special needs as a teaching assistant - but I’ve slowly worked my way down through the age ranges since then. I taught Years 7-9 Science and English for two years before deciding Primary was the place for me. Since then I’ve worked extensively with Year 3/4 classes. Before I joined PlanBee, I was actually teaching in Reception for most of the working week which, believe it or not, has really helped me at PlanBee, particularly when I’m making Year 1 Maths lessons!

Favourite subject to plan:
I’d have to say Science - I love researching and ensuring the planning is accurate, but I especially like working out how best to explain and demonstrate complex concepts for children.

Favourite PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
I loved making ‘Superheroes!’ - it’s a Key Stage One cross-curricular topic - and there’s a bit of everything in there. Also, I’m a bit of a superhero movie nerd!

Most difficult PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
Probably ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ for Year 6. I was making it just around the time the new National Curriculum was published, and there wasn’t a lot of child-friendly information available for teachers to use when teaching this aspect of Science. It took ages to research and write!

Favourite thing about beeing:
Researching - it’s a great to know that teacher’s using the lessons I make are getting accurate, reliable information. I also love the challenge of deciding how best to explain ideas and concepts simply and clearly for children.

Claudia McArthur

I joined PlanBee in Feb 2015. I left the classroom because I was fed up with the politics in schools. I also missed being able to teach my class the way I wanted and was tired of being told what I could and couldn't do. Planning and making resources has always been one of my favourite parts of teaching. Looking for new and exciting topics to share with the children in my class is very enjoyable for me. PlanBee was a way I could do this without having to deal with school politics!

Teaching experience:
I started my education career in Australia (where I’m from) teaching Japanese to KS2 children. I then taught in lower KS2 classes for three years before moving to the UK. My UK teaching experience has been quite varied. I have been a PPA teacher, a supply teacher and a year 6 teacher. After my time in Year 6, I decided to try something new and began my role as Resource Creator at PlanBee.

Favourite subject to plan:
Travelling around the world is one of my passions. I love planning and creating Geography schemes of work as it allows me to travel the globe without leaving my desk. It’s always great to know that children can see the world through our schemes of work too.

Favourite PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
A Year 5/6 Art scheme called ‘Cityscapes’ was my favourite scheme of work as it involved collaborating with two artists. I contacted them to request if I could use their images to teach children new art techniques. This was a great experience. We have also had some really positive feedback in the hive about this scheme of work. A teacher sent in some photos of the work children had done in ‘Cityscapes’ which was wonderful to see!

Most difficult PlanBee scheme you’ve created:
The History scheme 'Famous Queens' was a challenging one to create. Ensuring the historical facts were correct meant I needed to cross-reference different sources of information. This scheme of work is for KS1, so the extensive information about the queens of England needed to be sifted through carefully and made age-appropriate.

Favourite thing about beeing:
I love being a bee and creating resources. I have learnt so many new skills since joining PlanBee and the team are such amazing and talented people. The best part is being able to collaborate and share great ideas to produce high-quality lesson plans for teachers around the world to use.

May Cunningham

I joined in February 2015 after a decade in the not-very-rewarding temping and hospitality industry. I was attracted to the role because the team was very down-to-earth and friendly, and the complete opposite of stuffy corporate offices I'd been working in for years. Very refreshing! Plus, they were open to allowing me to pursue my acting and writing around my responsibilities at PlanBee - something no other employer had ever allowed me to do.

Teaching experience:
Absolutely none. Telling people to 'Google it' is about as far as it goes.

So what does your job entail?
It varies from day to day, depending on the needs of the team. I'm primarily responsible for answering all customer queries, so keeping an eye on emails and social media is my priority, as is sorting out any major problems asap. I also keep an eye on all our customer accounts, both for schools and individual teachers, so if any issues come up in accounts, whether its payment or problematic files, I'm on it! I also support the team with any general administration tasks such as uploading content to the site, replacing corrupted files or sending files to be proofed. Anything that helps the team focus more on making great PlanBee resources, and worrying less about the fiddly stuff, I do!

Most difficult part of your job:
For someone who is not a teacher, learning about the education system and teaching has been a real eye-opener! There are abbreviations for everything, and objectives coming out of your ears. I still don't know how to tell KS1 from KS2 unless its been labelled and I don't think I'll ever understand the joy that can be found in new stationery.

Favourite thing about beeing:
My favourite thing is how varied my day can be. In one hour I can be making a word search, the next I'd be helping a customer with their order, and the next searching the internet for the next social media post for that day. The trust and responsibilities I have been given are the best bits about the job. My second favourite thing is being able to come to work in my most comfortable tracksuit bottoms and not having to wear make-up. I was never any good at uniforms and make up just takes forever...

Sophie Finch

I am a very recent addition to the hive and wasn’t in the position for long when my own new addition arrived! I joined PlanBee in April 2016 and am leaving on maternity leave in August. Even though I haven’t been here long, I’ve had the chance to get stuck into some different schemes of work and am looking forward to doing many more when I return.

Teaching experience: I completed my PGCE in 2010 and from then have been a KS1 teacher here in the UK, teaching across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. I also spent two years in Hong Kong working as a private tutor. This role involved planning and delivering complete lessons in line with the National Curriculum for children aged 3 to 11, as well as supporting individuals in a homeschool environment. In my most recent role before I joined the hive I was a specialist History and Geography teacher across KS1.

Favourite subject to plan: I like anything creative so I particularly enjoy planning Art lessons. I also love finding ways of incorporating drama and creativity into lessons across other subjects.

Favourite thing about beeing: I’ve really enjoyed having the time to really get stuck into planning a whole scheme of work as creatively and thoroughly as possible. I never felt as though I had the time to plan as in-depth as I wanted to when I was actually teaching! Being able to dedicate my whole day to finding fun ways of counting in twos or creating a game that will support understanding of a tricky concept feels very rewarding.

Laura Steele

I am the newbee at the hive! I am very excited to ‘bee’ here! I have long been a fan of the fantastic resources on the website, and my fellow teachers and I often joked that working for PlanBee would be ideal for me - and now here I am in my dream job! Although there were many parts of teaching that I loved, the work/life balance just became too ‘unbalanced’ for me, and I needed a change. PlanBee has given me the opportunity to continue to do something that I am passionate about but have a life outside of it at the same time!

Teaching experience: I was a teacher for 11 years, and during that time I taught in Year 3, 4 and 5. I was the History and Science co-ordinator, and had also been Team Leader for LKS2, as well as SEN co-ordinator. I also ran the school’s breakfast club, which was a great opportunity to be with children of all ages, from FS2 to Y6, in a less formal setting, and ensure that they had a good start to the day.

Favourite subject to plan: The logical and problem solving aspect of planning maths lessons really appeals to me, but I also love the more free, creative side of planning hands-on art sessions!

Favourite thing about beeing: Finally having enough time to fully dedicate to planning creative lessons, and really think through how best to present new ideas and information to children in a fun, exciting and informative way.

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We really do mean this! Whether you want an individual lesson or a complete scheme of work, our teaching packs come with a detailed lesson plan that walks you through an engaging input, a slideshow presentation to go with it, differentiated activity ideas, and — in most cases — a range of printable resources such as worksheets, activity cards or writing frames. If anything else is required, you'll be able to see at a glance, as everything you need is listed at the top of every plan!

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We're qualified primary teachers with extensive classroom experience. We know how hard the job is! That's why we try to give you as much as we can with every teaching pack – to help you and make life easier. We've obsessively pored over the National Curriculum objectives to make sure that you get excellent coverage when you teach with PlanBee, and that you get engaging, challenging learning activities with which all of your children can achieve and make progress.

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Stuck for ideas on Sunday evening? All your time taken up with marking? We know how much time teachers spend on preparation and assessment. It's time to get some of that time back! It only takes a moment to sign up with PlanBee and start downloading, so you can claim back a bit more You time! Our Complete Series of lessons come with assessment questions and marking grids, too – it's another way we've tried to make the incredible job you do that little bit easier!

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