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PlanBee is made up of a small (but perfectly formed) team of ex-primary teachers who have put down their interactive whiteboard pens in exchange for life behind a desk.

Whilst this does have its benefits (we get to go to the loo whenever we want!!), we will always be teachers at heart and we’ve made it our mission in life to ensure that those fearless souls who continue to live life in the classroom can do so with a healthy work-life balance.

That’s where our lesson planning comes in.

Our little team of worker bees!

PlanBee was born out of the desire to help teachers address an ever-mounting workload. From planning and assessment to assemblies and risk assessments, there is always, ALWAYS, at least a hundred things on a primary teacher’s to-do list.

Sadly, this can be overwhelming and contributes to too many ace teachers leaving the profession.

We want to stop that from happening. We want to make sure that good teachers can do the job they love AND have a life outside of the classroom.

You put so much into teaching - you deserve time for yourself too.

So what do we do to help?

The bees spend their days planning in-depth, creative and challenging schemes of work and whole curriculums, complete with lesson plans, slides, differentiated activities and a wide range of printable resources.

These packs are designed to be able to be able to be taught instantly (but can easily be tweaked to meet the needs of individual learners).

We know what creating a great lesson takes - we’ve spent the last 10 years honing our skills - and we have the time to really get stuck into the nitty-gritty and ensure that the planning is of a seriously high quality. It takes a single bee at least a week to create a five-lesson scheme. We don’t scrimp on the details; we slave away meticulously until we are happy with it.

Want to see what PlanBee lesson packs are like?


Who are we?

Becky Cranham | Director:

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Becky founded PlanBee back in 2009 after five years in the classroom. For a long time, PlanBee was just Becky and a laptop but now, thankfully, she has a team of bees around her to help keep things going. Becky’s favourite subject to plan for is History and she can often be found at her desk, with her headphones in, listening to a showtune as she works.

Oli Ryan | Senior Manager:

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Resource Creator by day and DJ by night, Oli joined PlanBee in 2014 after having been a PlanBee customer himself during his teaching career. Oli is PlanBee’s resident technical wizard, making sure we’re all, like, totally 21st century. As you might expect, Science and DT are top of Oli’s favourites list when it comes to planning a scheme.

Catherine Lynch | Senior Manager:

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Catherine also joined PlanBee in 2014 after teaching for six years in Reception and KS1. A bit of a research machine, Catherine loves the opportunity to get stuck into a meaty topic, but also uses her extensive KS1 experience to help turn potentially dry research into fun, hands-on activities for little learners. Basically, she’s the total boss of KS1 planning.

Becky BeeOli BeeCatherine Bee

Sophie Finch | Resource Creator:

Sophie joined the hive in April 2016 after teaching both here in the UK and in Hong Kong. She soon found her feet in the PlanBee office and loves anything creative, sneaking drama and other forms of creative expression into her lessons whenever she can.

Laura Steele | Resource Creator:

Laura joined PlanBee in 2016 after being a KS2 class teacher for 11 years. Her old teaching buddies used to joke that working at PlanBee would be an ideal job for Laura and now here she is. Yay! Making the move from Sheffield down to Surrey for the job was a monumentally big ask but all the bees are so very glad she did it.

Abby Harper | Resource Creator:

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Abby joined the ranks in 2017 after being an enthusiastic user of PlanBee’s resources in her own classroom for a number of years. Part teacher and part puppy-wrangler, Abby loves that having to do so much research for so many different subjects and topics means she can now thoroughly trounce her family and friends during pub quizzes.

Josephine Hollister | Administrative Assistant:

Josephine bounced her way into PBHQ in 2018, ready to take over the admin and get everything ship-shape. She now spends her days helping to take care of customers, processing invoices and getting all the finished resources up onto the website. Oh, and talking about food. She does that a lot.

Sophie Bee Laura Bee Abby Bee
Josephine Bee

So there you have it. That’s us in a nutshell.

Are we a small team? Yes.

Do we have fancy marketing teams and design departments? No.

BUT – we are passionate about what we do and genuinely believe that what we can offer teachers improves not only their own well-being but also the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Don’t believe us? Try one of our free FREE Mini-Schemes  to check out how we roll or have a chat with one of the 70,000+ teachers who are already enjoying our lessons.

We look forward to seeing you at the hive soon and, in the meantime, if you have any more questions about us or what we do, just drop us a line or find us on social media. We’re always happy to chat.

The PlanBee Team

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