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Primary School Design & Technology (DT) Lesson Plans and Resources

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Are you looking for ready-to-use primary Design & Technology lesson plans? PlanBee is a hive of primary teaching resources to assist with KS1 and KS2 DT teaching. All our DT resources can be purchased as entire schemes of work or as individual lessons to complement your existing planning, providing everything you need to teach an entire primary Design and Technology module. Alternatively, dip into the wide range or worksheets, resources and teaching materials to bridge any gaps in your own short-term or medium-term plans.

With lessons featuring a wide range of focus skills, your class will be given all the tools they need to design, make and evaluate a variety of products, and will learn how to work with circuits, materials, textiles, food and many other areas to create innovative, enterprising and successful products for a variety of purposes.

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Looking to cover a particular DT objective? You can browse our teaching resources by National Curriculum objectives for Design & Technology as set out by the Department for Education (DfE).
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Updated version now available with improved slides, plans and activities! This series of five 'Alarms' lessons based for Year 4 gives your class the chance to experiment with circuits and switches before taking on the challenge of designing, making and evaluating their own alarm systems for a particular purpose. Will they be guarding diamonds, apprehending burglars or improving fire security?! The choic…

Bird House Builders

Bird House Builders New Curriculum

Explore common birds in the United Kingdom and what they need for a safe home with this fabulous "Bird House Builders" scheme of work. Your Year 6 children will learn about bird houses and why they are constructed for birds in our environment. They will get the chance to research common birds and design a bird house suitable for a bird to nest in. This scheme of work will have your children busy and engaged…



This mouth-watering Year 5 scheme of work will soon have your class baking some great ideas for making their own biscuits! Children will have the chance to explore different kinds of biscuits, including their flavours, textures and appearances, find out which biscuits are most and least popular, as well as design, make, evaluate (and, of course, eat!) their own biscuits. These ready-to-teach resources p…



These Year 5 'Bread' lesson plans contain all the ingredients you need to teach an entire scheme of work. Your class will have the mouth-watering task of tasting a variety of different breads and thinking about how bread can contribute to a balanced diet before going on to design, make, evaluate (and, of course, eat!) their own breads. Packed full of all the necessary ingredients, such as lesson plans, …

Building Bridges

Building Bridges New Curriculum

This series of fun, practical lessons will get your children exploring the ways in which bridge designs have changed and developed over time. They will also build models using readily available materials. Working well as part of a team and considering the views of others will be crucial as children get to grips with designing and making a variety of model bridge designs! Download a FREE assessment grid t…


Burgers New Curriculum

Everyone loves a good burger! Bring burgers into your classroom this year with this delicious D.T. scheme of work for Year 5/6 children. These lessons include mouth-watering recipes and challenge ideas that will give your children a chance to practise and improve their cooking skills. Learn about nutrition and where our body gets its energy from. Your children will love the burger and sauce recipe…

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

This Year 1 DT 'Eat More Fruit and Vegetables' scheme of work is a great way to get your class excited about healthy eating as they explore a variety of fruits and vegetables, what they look like, taste like and feel like, as well as how to prepare fruits and vegetables through cutting, grating, peeling and more. They will then have the challenge of designing, making and evaluating their own salad or smooth…



Roll up, roll up for fun at the fair in this DT 'Fairground' module! This series of 6 lessons for Year 6 gives your class the chance to examine a variety of rotating fairground rides before designing and making their own ride using an electrical motor. Full of hands-on activities and design challenges, these lessons are a simple yet inspiring way to teach this 'wheely' great scheme of work! With lesson p…

Fashion and Textiles

Fashion and Textiles New Curriculum

This series of six Design and Technology lesson plans, teaching ideas and resources begin with explanations of the process of cotton cloth manufacture and the design process for clothes and other items made using textiles. Going on, children will look closely at the way clothes are constructed before designing, making and evaluating products that are either hand or machine-sewn! Each lesson includes a d…

Flying Kites

Flying Kites

Let's go fly a kite! These DT 'Flying Kites' lessons for year 1 and 2 are full of fun activities that will teach your children how to test different materials, design kites, construct a Carp Kite and a diamond kite, fly kites and evaluate their own creations. Your class will enjoy this hands on scheme of work that provides opportunities for your children to work in small groups and independently. They will…

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